Vitor Costa as Tango DJ

Being a tango DJ is a complex art, which requires deep knowledge of tango history in terms of orchestras, composers and interpreters. In tango’s floor there are some characteristic rules and rituals,  that should be absolutely respected, such as classifying the “tandas” (set of 4 songs) for each historical period and musical style, organize music selection as well as creating a balance between periods and styles in order not to stress or bore the dancers, just to mention a few of the ritual criteria.

Tango DJ career

Dj career has been the best way I found to use my last 10 years studying of tango orchestra history, as well as its lyrics and its composers. However, as DJ I also play from my heart, because tango songs are my great passion and the main reason for the choice of being a tango dancer.


Nowadays my discography covers over 20,000 songs between tangos, vals and milongas, from the songs I have collected over the past 20 years.