Suggestions for Workshops

Here are some suggestions for shorts workshops (between one and two hours long). It can be taught before Milonga, in the weekend’s boot camp or festivals.

Titles for workshops

  1. Transform your tango steps into circular movements.
  2. Steps to D’Arienzo music style.
  3. How to perform comfortably in the close embrace movements?
  4. Milonga, the tango’s mother.
  5. “Giro” according to Mingo Pugliese.
  6. Musicality and rhythm in the tango Vals (waltz)
  7. Sacadas in the close embrace tango.
  8. Steps to melodic tango (tango salón )
  9. Circular and spiral movements.
  10. Complex figures to perform in close embrace tango.
  11. Ganchos and boleos.
  12. Tango milonguero figures.
  13. Men’s and Women’s “Sacadas.”
  14. “Alteración”: Changes of directions.
  15. Walking transitions between cross and parallel systems.
  16. Couples tips for the leaders. Men only.

Information regarding workshops

Are you interested? Fill out the contact form with some information. Do you have an other question for me? Then fill out the general contact form. Please allow a couple of business days for me to respond (possibly longer for general inquiries).

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